2 Minute French Toast

School has started (for most of us) and we have created the perfect breakfast to get you out the door on time. This breakfast is dorm room friendly and it only takes two minutes to make! Yay for french toast in a mug! IMG_7381 What you’ll need: 1) Bread (we used texas toast bread) 2) 1 egg 3) 3 tablespoons milk 4) Cinnamon 5) Syrup 6) Your favorite mug Step 1: Cut bread into cubes IMG_7384 IMG_7390Step 2: Mix egg, milk, and cinnamon together IMG_7396 IMG_7402 IMG_7408 IMG_7410 IMG_7427 IMG_7440Step 3: Fill mug with bread cubes IMG_7443Step 4: Pour egg, milk, and cinnamon mixture over bread cubes IMG_7457Step 5: Microwave for 1 minute, 30 seconds IMG_7474Step 6: Add syrup and enjoy! IMG_7503 IMG_7494 IMG_7501What does your favorite mug look like?
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