Jolly Popcorn Treat

Jolly Popcorn is the perfect treat to make around this time of year. A great combination of salty and sweet. Popcorn, candy, sweet chocolate, a treat you can enjoy anytime! We suggest making this treat with friends or family and eat it around the Christmas tree and watch your favorite holiday movie. Enjoy! puravida-8What you will need: -Popcorn of choice -Holiday colored candies -Mini marshmallows -White chocolate or marshmallow cream to dye -Red food dye -Melting chocolate puravida-1Step 1) Melt your marshmallow cream or white chocolate with red food dye, and mix it all onto your popped pop corn. puravida-3Step 2) Lay popcorn flat on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Melt your chocolate and drizzle it all over your popcorn. puravida-4Step 3) Add your holiday colored candies and mini marshmallows. puravida-5Step 4) Let your melted chocolate set. Insert into serving bowls or glass jars. Can even be put in cellophane and given as gift. puravida-6puravida-10puravida-12
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