5 Benefits of Yoga - Inspired by the Wanderlust Festival

We all want to be happier and healthier versions of ourselves. And yoga is a practice that, if you really get into it, can truly benefit your general wellness and overall being. Because we were just at the Wanderlust Festival in O’ahu this past weekend, we thought we’d give you a short list on some of the benefits that yoga provides and how easy it is to get started.
  1. According to a study from Boston University School of Medicine, practicing yoga makes you happier. Doing an hour of asanas – a sequence of standing, sitting and balancing, yogis raise their levels of GABA by 27 percent, a brain chemical that, when found in lower levels, can cause depression.
  1. Practicing yoga helps to get rid of annoying body aches. People who practiced yoga twice a week, for 90 minutes, eased their soreness by more than half. Posing improves posture and strengthens back muscles to keep aches at bay, so if you do have an achy body part, why not give yoga a shot?
  1. Practicing yoga at least three times a week at any time can help you sleep better and longer. And, insomniacs fell asleep 15 minutes faster and slept an hour more each night after doing two months of a 45-minute yoga series daily before bed.
  1. Yoga tones your entire body. It is basically strength training. According to Loren Bassett, an instructor at Pure Yoga in New York city, "You’re using your body weight to move from posture to posture, and in certain poses, you’re lifting every pound of it.”
  1. Practicing Yoga takes away your stress. According to a study in Psychosomatic Medicine, women who went to the mat at least once a week for two years or more released 41 percent less of a tension triggered protein that can make you feel tired and moody compared with newer yogis.
So basically, if you aren’t already convinced, try yoga. There are so many different types, and a lot of yoga studios offer free weeklong deals to those who are interested in trying out something new. If you want to check out some deals, try CorePower Yoga. All the information in this article was sourced from:
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